What we currently know about SQL Server 2011

I’m just waiting in Sydney for our flight to LA with Rob and thought I’d quickly look around in preparation for my presentation on SQL 2011 (aka Denali), mostly about what has been announced/leaked to date.

Unfortunately for me there is scant information around so I’ll have to wait till the Keynote of Pass 2010 when I’m sure more will come to light.

There are two sessions on Denali planned for Pass, one on high availability and the other on Data Warehouse query performance. I’m really looking forward to the Data Warehouse improvements talk by Susan Price, as I’m really hoping that Microsoft will continue to build upon the BI emphasis from SQL Server 2008 R2.

Flight time, gotta go!

Author | Roger Noble

C-Founder and CTO of Zegami - a data visualisation tool for viewing large collections of images within a single field of view.